Assessment criteria Ordinary call



Applications for this funding instrument are assessed according to the following criteria:


  • Is there a clear and relevant research question?
  • Is the application accessible to non-experts?

Funding instrument

  • Does the project adequately meet the purpose of the funding instrument?

Research contribution
Originality and breakthroughs

  • Is the project original?
  • Does the project present a potential scientific breakthrough in the field?

Quality of approach

  • Is the approach of high quality?
  • Is the approach ground-breaking?
  • Is the approach internationally competitive?


  • Is the methodology relevant?
  • Is the project plan realistic?
  • Are there significant risk factors that may prevent project execution?

Qualifications of the applicant

  • Has the applicant obtained excellent results compared to career level?
  • Has the applicant demonstrated an ability to carry out innovative research?