Research Stay at Forschungszentrum Gotha

Name of applicant

Tine Reeh


University of Copenhagen


DKK 31,803



Type of grant

Field Trips / Research Stays < 100,000


I will work at Forschungszentrum Gotha on the book "Unintended Secularization? Theological Agents in the Abolition of the Use of Mosaic Law in Western Scandinavia". It contributes to our understanding of religion in 18th century administration as well as the differentiation between theology, medicine and law. The interdisciplinary center, connected to the exclusive archive and library with special collections from the early modern period. It is dedicated to history of scholarship, and the library holds a valuable collection for my work. The centre houses a dynamic crowd of researchers, and I will participate in their exchange of knowledge and ideas. I will test and discuss my own ideas and work, and integrate research in Danish Church History in an international research environment.

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