Equipment for synthetic carbohydrate chemistry

Name of applicant

Mads Hartvig Clausen




Technical University of Denmark


DKK 391,185



Type of grant

Research Infrastructure


At DTU Chemistry we are researching the chemistry and biology of sugars. We prepare carbohydrates in the laboratory and study natural glycans and their degradation products. The goal of our research is to learn about the function of sugars in nature and how we can use them efficiently to the benefit of society. In a concrete project, we are using synthetic carbohydrates as well as naturally occurring ones in the development of vaccines for cancer and infectious diseases, such as pneumonia. Another research project uses synthetic carbohydrates to study the plant cell wall glycans, which is the largest source of renewable biomass on Earth. There the aim is to pave the way for more efficient food, feed, energy and materials from plant feedstocks.

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