Accessing a unique geological archive for understanding Greenland Ice Sheet evolution

Name of applicant

Lara Perez


Senior Researcher


Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland - GEUS


DKK 200,000



Type of grant

Field Trips / Research Stays >100,000


Climate change and global warming have become popular topics in our everyday life. However, there is much we unknow. One of the key questions is how ice sheets hold in Greenland and Antarctica will respond under the pressuring global warming. Warm periods have occurred before and thus they are registered in the geological records. However, these records are sparse and their study complicated. The International Ocean Discovery Program Expedition 400 (IODP400) represents a large international effort to obtain geological records of the Greenland Ice Sheet from 15 million years ago to the present day. Our participation in IODP400 in 2023 will allow us to become part of a coordinated effort to investigate climate change in Greenland and the consequences of the past ice sheet changes.

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