Privacy Matters. How Interiors make and break our cities

Name of applicant

Nuno Grancho


Postdoctoral Fellow


University of Copenhagen


DKK 59,967



Type of grant



Described as a moment of collective reflection, investigating the complex links between cities, the built environment, the private and the public, the interior and the exterior, "Privacy Matters. How Interiors make and break our cities is an upcoming international conference set to take place between 20 and 21 of April 2023, hosted by the Centre for Privacy Studies, University of Copenhagen, and by The Royal Danish Academy. From the withdrawal of the individual for privacy (XS) to the public engagement of urban questions (XXL), it will try to build knowledge by inverting the canonical approach to read and plan cities and unfolding a new possible stream of research from the private to the public and from the interior to the exterior, considering how urbanism affects our everyday life.

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