The Plasticity of Emotions: Günther Anders’s Contribution to the History of Feelings

Name of applicant

Alexander Knopf


Postdoctoral Fellow


University of Copenhagen


DKK 60,000



Type of grant



The conference "The Plasticity of Emotions: Günther Anders's Contribution to the History of Feelings" at the University of Copenhagen, organised in collaboration with the International Günther Anders Society, will be the first concerted effort to critically appraise Anders's theory of emotions. Speakers from a variety of disciplines, such as philosophy, literary studies, psychology, emotion research, musicology, and social sciences, will discuss the theoretical, ethical and methodological implications of Anders's theory. The conference aims in particular to assess his ideas in terms of the critical potential they still might possess and to enquire about the extent to which they can be applied to current discourses, theories or agendas.

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