Kagome Architectures – novel woven construction in solid timber

Name of applicant

Phil Ayres




Det Kongelige Akademi


DKK 9,967,655



Type of grant

Semper Ardens: Accomplish


This project will generate fundamental knowledge and novel construction methods for realising free-form timber gridshells in architecture that can significantly reduce waste and resource use, whilst also providing a systematic method for achieving any free-form geometry using only straight stock materials and without the need for mechanical or chemical fixings within the weave.


The building construction sector is globally recognised as a principal consumer of raw materials and a key contributor to human-induced climate change, resource depletion, energy consumption, waste production and bio-diversity loss. Radical alternatives to current contructions practices are needed and woven timber structures can contribute a viable alternative that draws upon craft knowldege.


Tri-axial weaving, also known as Kagome, is a craft-practice the embodies principles for generating double curvature using only straight strips of material. We will exploit these principles and apply them to solid straight timber members that have been steamed and pressed, allowing them to be woven together. Weave patterns will be generated using digital tools developed by the research group.

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