Unheard voices - A Tranquebarian Stroll

Name of applicant

P. S. Ramanujam


Technical University of Denmark


DKK 20,000



Type of grant



The book provides a description of life in the Dano-Norwegian colony of Tranquebar in India between the years 1620-1845. It is arranged as a stroll through some of the streets of present-day Tranquebar. Stopping at locations where interesting people lived or where fascinating events took place, I narrate the life in the town. Many unknown voices, such as that of the astronomer, Henning Munch Engelhart: on the Tamilian Dubash (interpreter), Daniel Pullei: on the sojourn of the linguist, Rasmus Rask: and the short yet remarkable life of the musician Thomas Christian Walter, who was responsible for finances in the 18th century. The book is based on documents from the National Archives in Copenhagen as well as from the Royal Library in Copenhagen.

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