NOT Transient Explorer: Eksploderende stjerner og gigantiske sorte huller i Universet

Name of applicant

Johan Peter Uldall Fynbo


University of Copenhagen


DKK 1,800,000



Type of grant

Research Infrastructure


The Nordic Optical Telescope Transient Explorer (NTE for short) is a new innovative spectrograph for the 2.5-m Nordic Optical Telescope (NOT) on the Canarian island of La Palma. With NTE at the NOT Danish astrophysicists will be able to do observations that cannot be secured with any other facility, in particular just a few minutes after discovery of a new object on the sky. Moreover, the instrument has a unique combination of two cameras and a spectrograph covering the full wavelength range from the ultraviolet to the near-infrared. This is crucial as there is often no time to go through a range of setups. The science cases for the NTE also include a wide range of non-transient astrophysics ranging from the study of supermassive black holes, to exoplanets and cosmic chemical evolution.

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