Edition of diary by Erich Lassota von Steblau

Name of applicant

Thomas Riis


University of Kiel


DKK 50,000



Type of grant



The aim is to edit the diary with commentaries, it consists of five sections: his grand tour to Italy 1573-1576, his service as an officer in Spain and Portugal 1579-1584,his diplomatic missions to Poland 1585-1589, the failed one to Russia 1590-1593 and to the Zaporog Cossacks in 1594. Because of his antiquarian and ethnographic interests he describes in detail not only events, but also the sights visited and even copies inscriptions. Particularly interesting is his description of political decision making among the Zaporog Cossacks. Since 1585 Lassota was in the service of the Hapsburg monarchy, the edition of the diary will interest readers mainly in Central and Eastern Europe. The publisher specializes in the history of this region

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