Richard Kadison and his mathematical legacy - A memorial conference

Name of applicant

Mikael Rørdam


University of Copenhagen


DKK 60,000



Type of grant



We host a memorial conference for Richard Kadison (1925--2018) at the Carlsberg Academy, November 29--30, 2019 to honor his mathematical contributions and to feature frontline research in operator algebras, the area of mathematics of which he was a leader for several decades. Kadison had close ties to Denmark and Norway, in part through his Danish wife, and he is the direct reason for the popularity and strength of operator algebras in these two countries. It is natural that his legacy is honored with a memorial conference in Denmark. The conference will feature 16 invited speakers covering several areas of operator algebras and its applications, also to physics, chosen among current leaders of the subject and friends and former students of Kadison.

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