Livestreaming af Offentlige Foredrag

Name of applicant

Jens Holbech


Aarhus University


DKK 2,000,000



Type of grant

Strategic Grants


In the project ‘Offentlige foredrag i Naturvidenskab’ scientists lecture citizens on changing subjects about natural sciences. These two-hour evening lectures are getting live streamed to cinemas, community centres, schools, libraries, Danish University Extension, clubs etc. in Denmark, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Germany.


The project makes it possible to disseminate science at a high academic level: the citizens are cognitively challenged and gain insight into basic research at a higher academic level than they normally encounter in the Danish media. During the live streaming the citizens can discuss and process the impressions, they gain at the lectures with each other. The project creates activity and ‘communities of science’ in both smaller and larger communities in many different geographical areas. It is the project’s aim to reach every citizen, regardless of their academic qualifications – from the oldest students in secondary school to skilled workers and professors. For the same reason, the lectures are most often lectured in Danish.


In this project, we will work on signing agreements regarding live streaming in more locations in the geographical areas of Denmark, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Germany that have yet to be represented, so their citizens will have the opportunity to experience the lectures. We will also continue to work on increasing the number of audiences for each of the lectures - just as we will continue to work on improving the quality of the lectures - in terms of production, technology, and the dissemination of science.

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