Renewing the workhorses of the GLOBE institute.

Name of applicant

Lasse Vinner


University of Copenhagen


DKK 540,000



Type of grant

Research Infrastructure


Since 2009, the users of the GeoGenetics cleanlab, now at the GLOBE Institute, have delivered ground-breaking research within genomics, proteomics, diseases, ecology and evolution: many highly inter-disciplinary. The central work horse equipment are standard lamina air-flow LAF hoods. Our current clean lab LAFs have run nearly daily for a decade. The extensive use have taken its toll on the 4 LAFs. After tens of thousands of operation hours, the current 4 LAF hoods are simply close to used up. The proposed investment aims at ensuring the continued function of a dedicated clean lab facility for ancient biomolecules, by renewing the 4 laminar air flow hoods, which will support cutting-edge scientific progress for numerous projects, and larger research programmes in the years to come.

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