Molecular mechanisms of RNA modification in regulation of gene expression

Name of applicant

Ulf Andersson Vang Ørom


Aarhus University


DKK 350,000



Type of grant

Research Infrastructure


RNA modifications are known to be important for rRNA (ribosomal RNA) and tRNA (transfer RNA) function and about 170 different RNA modifications are known. RNA modifications are often challenging to identify in that methods for their detection are limited. For some RNA modifications there are specific antibodies that can be used for immunoprecipitation followed by RNA sequencing to identify regions of modifications but not the base-pair precise location of the modification. For other RNA modifications specific approaches have to be developed. In our current work we explore new roles of RNA modifications developing new and sensitive methods using RNA labeling and size-fractionation purification combined with next-generation (Illumina) and third-generation sequencing (Nanopore DRS).

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