Prospecting crystallization space for harnessing enzymatic knowledge

Name of applicant

Jens Preben Morth


Technical University of Denmark


DKK 550,000



Type of grant

Research Infrastructure


We aimed to acquire a crystallisation robot to reduce sample volume and time, to help us in the search for crystallisation conditions. Crystallisation of enzymes and is a powerful technique to ultimately obtain the 3-dimensional atomic structure of the enzymes we are interested in. Visualising each atomic position in the crystallised enzyme, allows us to visually design and understand how these enzymes function. Crystallisation and structure elucidation is a powerful tool when used to optimise the design of the enzymes to fit the specific needs. Typical needs include degradation of biomass for biofuels, plastic degradation, carbon dioxide capture, or to design novel drugs and antibiotic against pathogenic bacteria to inhibit certain chemical reaction, needed for the pathogen to survive.

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