Equipment to understand the effect of peripheral calcium-sensing receptor activation in general physiology

Name of applicant

Henrik Dimke


University of Southern Denmark


DKK 400,000



Type of grant

Research Infrastructure


Ca2+ is maintained within a tight physiological range by Ca2+ sensing receptor (CaSR) controlled release of parathyroid hormone and via peripheral CaSRs in Ca2+ transporting epithelia. The exact functions of the CaSR in kidney has not been determined in sufficient detail and we have new indications about the circumstances they are activated under. To determine the physiological effects of chronic CaSR activation in kidney, we will use a mouse model with gain-of-function CaSR mutations. These evaluations include determinations of renal electrolyte excretion and blood electrolytes. To investigate this best, we need a ion chromatography system with autosampler capacity to allow measurements of all relevant ions in a large range of samples, which this current grant will enable.

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