Infrastructure for Multi- and Hyperspectral Image Acquisition

Name of applicant

Christian Høgel


University of Southern Denmark


DKK 788,574



Type of grant

Research Infrastructure


This project will launch the creation a state-of-the art customized infrastructure in both Multi- and Hyper Spectral Imaging (MSI and HSI) to support the growing research on medieval literature and manuscripts at SDU. Through specific wavelength bands, from ultra-violet to near-infrared, MSI and HSI capture faded or obscured texts. Showing the different layers, both physical and cultural of manuscripts and printed books, it gives access to hidden materials and texts without damaging cultural heritage. Far from being an individual endeavor, this project results from a synergy between the Department of History, CML and DIAS with Christian Høgel and Aglae Pizzone, SDU Library with Jakob Povl Holck and Mogens Kragsig Jensen and the SDU Centre for Photonics Engineering with René Lynge Eriksen.

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