A Toolbox of Optogenetic Probes for the Axon Initial Segment

Name of applicant

Hanne Borger Rasmussen


University of Copenhagen


DKK 140,154



Type of grant

Research Infrastructure


Optogenetic probes are powerful biological tools, which enable scientists to monitor and control nerve cell activity with light. This is currently leading to unprecedented insight into the functions of the nervous system. However, currently used optogenetic probes do not fully mimic the highly localized signaling events that underlie brain activity. To enable more close-to-nature studies of brain function, we here aim to expand the optogenetic toolbox with probes to specifically control and monitor the localized signaling events that lead to the generation of a nerve impulse. Successful generation of such probes will provide neuroscientists with unique tools to understand and control the process of nerve impulse generation both on a single cell level and on the level of neuronal networks.

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