Theta rhythm potentiates synaptic transmission in CA1 via astrocytes

Name of applicant

Jean-Francois Perrier


University of Copenhagen


DKK 392,975



Type of grant

Research Infrastructure


Episodic memory is a category of long-term memory that involves the recollection of specific events (e.g., the first date with a partner). The formation of new episodic memory relies on the reinforcement of synapses in an area of the brain called the hippocampus. Our preliminary data suggest that non-neuronal brain cells called astrocytes are important for promoting synaptic potentiation. Here we will identify the molecular mechanisms used by astrocytes to promote synaptic plasticity by combining state of the art electrophysiological and imaging techniques. We will then test how astrocytes contribute to episodic memory formation in freely moving animals. Our results can change the way we understand memory.

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