Sensitive equipment for measuring methane emission from low-lying areas

Name of applicant

Kaj Sand-Jensen


University of Copenhagen


DKK 371,612



Type of grant

Research Infrastructure


We are researching the relationships between hydrology, biodiversity and greenhouse gas exchange in wetland vegetation, lakes and streams in river valleys typical of Denmark. Our aim is measure exchange of the two most important gases, CO2 and methane, at high temporal and spatial resolution. We measure the exchange of CO2 and methane with affordable micro-sensors built into many floating chambers that enable continuous long-term measurements, while, on land, we will use the sensitive equipment for measuring methane emission from low-lying areas supported by the Carlsberg Foundation grant. By stopping cultivation of 100.000 ha flood-threatened, low-lying areas that release high amounts of greenhouse gases, it will be possible to establish natural hydrology, reduce emission of climate gases and improve biodiversity.

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