Digital 3D reconstructions of Apulian red-figure vases

Name of applicant

Vinnie Nørskov


Aarhus University


DKK 489,600



Type of grant

Research Infrastructure


This project will produce digital 3D reconstructions of Apulian red-figure vases as a new and effective tool in a research project that aims at recontextualizing the vases from Apulia, a region that has been heavily looted in the second part of the twentieth century. Digital 3D reconstructions constitute a way to preserve very fragmented vases. They communicate the fragmented state of the vases, clearly showing what is preserved and what is lost. In this way, they illustrate the consequences of illegal excavations and illicit trade in antiquities. They also provide the possibility of identifying lacking fragments, and the project will enable museum curators and collectors worldwide to recognise if they have such fitting pieces in their collections.

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