Studying the response of microbial aerosols under changing in-situ-like atmospheric conditions using an advanced environmental chamber.

Name of applicant

Kai Finster


Aarhus University


DKK 386,000



Type of grant

Research Infrastructure


Recent studies indicate that bioaerosol including bacteria play an important role in weather and climate. As it is impossible studying bioaerosols in situ, we build a Bioaerosol SIMulation (BioSIM) chamber to levitate single bacterial cells for prolonged periods under controlled relative humidity and temperature. To make detailed observations of bacterial activity in real time, we equip the BioSIM with the Leica M205 FCA Stereomicroscope with Fluorescence which allows us resolving changes on the cellular level and couple gene expression to water and ice deposition on cell surfaces. The unique BioSIM will allow us for the first time investigating the influence of physical conditions in the atmosphere on airborne bacterial cells and ultimately decipher their environmental role.

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