Fluorescence Microscopic Nanoparticle Tracking System for nanoparticle characterization

Name of applicant

Stefan Vogel


University of Southern Denmark


DKK 469,523



Type of grant

Research Infrastructure


Nanoparticles are all around us but also present as biological nanoparticles in each cell of our body and in our blood stream. Important biological nanoparticles are lipid nanoparticles also called vesicles or exosomes. Such particles are used in living systems for cell-cell communication and part of the natural response to serious events such as heart attacks. To study biologically relevant lipid nanoparticles highly sophisticated equipment is needed, such as the ZetaView instrument granted by The Carlsberg Foundation, which can visualize (individual) nanoparticles ranging from 10 nm to several 100 nm. This project will employ the ZetaView system in the field of drug development, especially for RNA/DNA based drugs in advanced medical formulations as seen for e.g., mRNA Covid19 vaccines.

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