To tell a life: Symposium on life story psychology in honor of Tilmann Habermas

Name of applicant

Annette Bohn


Associate Professor


Aarhus University


DKK 54,000



Type of grant



This symposium will celebrate Tilmann Habermas and the impact of his work on the research field of life story development in adolescence and across the life span. The symposium will bring together some of Habermas’ long-term collaborators, former students and other established and junior researchers who investigate life stories, drawing on Habermas’ concepts and ideas. The symposium will provide a unique opportunity to take stock of research on life story development and to discuss new perspectives for the field. The symposium is an opportunity to learn more about Tilmann Habermas’ contributions to life story psychology, and to experience, how his ideas have inspired and will continue to inspire researchers in the field.

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