Safe and sound: High-resolution 4D in vivo imaging of vocal and vital organs

Name of applicant

Coen Elemans




University of Southern Denmark


DKK 2,172,000



Type of grant

Research Infrastructure


All vital functions - respiration, circulation, and body movement - are dynamic processes. How vital functions are controlled and maintained remains a central question in biological and medicine research. As vital functions occur inside intact living animals, measuring their dynamics needs imaging techniques that penetrate the body without harm at millisecond timescale. This project will install a state-of-the-art ultrasound imaging platform that is capable of both high-resolution (3D) and time-resolved (4D), non-invasive, deep-tissue imaging in living animals. This system enables Danish scientists across disciplines to observe vital functions, reduces the number of animals used for research, and promotes research as diverse as heart and vascular function to motor control of the voice.

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