Advanced characterisation of coherent light emission from coupled single quantum emitters

Name of applicant

Till Leißner


Associate Professor


University of Southern Denmark


DKK 178,235



Type of grant

Research Infrastructure


The next big thing in information and sensing technology is very likely related to light sources capable of producing single light particles, called photons. In our research, we aim at building a system of those single emitters, that interact with each other on the nanometre scale. The communication between the emitters produces light, similar to the one of a laser. The clue is that we use processes that are compatible with standard technologies used in electronics and photonics. That will facilitate their integration into existing microtechnology platforms. Particularly, we will pace atomically thin 2D materials on antennas and perform local doping of the electronics structure to achieve this effect. Potential applications are e.g. lab-on-chip devices with integrated optical sensors.

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