Enhanced Production and Analysis Capabilities in Biofabrication for Architecture and Design

Name of applicant

Phil Ayres




Det Kongelige Akademi


DKK 1,631,357



Type of grant

Research Infrastructure


In 2020, the Royal Danish Academy established a Biolab in response to the need for creative and critical design practices to engage with biofabrication and contribute more assertively to the shaping and developing of the built spaces, products, materials, and services that will emerge through this new paradigm of production. This project seeks to enhance the infrastructure of Biolab, expanding its capabilities to produce and analyse microbially mediated materials, for example mycelium-based composites and algae-based bioplastics. Such new materials are the subject of ongoing research that focuses on developing viable material pathways that can contribute to a transitioning from the reliance on non-renewable, depleting and extracted resources within Architecture and Design disciplines.

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