Development of anti-predator responses in Danish harbor porpoises

Name of applicant

Magnus Wahlberg


Associate Professor


University of Southern Denmark


DKK 400,000



Type of grant

Research Infrastructure


Denmark's largest predators are whales, such as killer whales and bottlenose dolphins. Little is known about what role they play in predating upon other animals. As the number of killer whales and dolphins seems to be increasing in Danish waters, it may affect the behaviour of harbour porpoises, which are vulnerable to be killed by the newcomers. Through long-term studies of both the predators and their prey, we are able to understand how porpoises respond to dolphins and killer whales. We also gain basic biological knowledge about some of the least known large mammals in Danish waters, knowledge that is crucial for applying adequate mitigation measures to the upcoming plans of large-scale offshore windfarm development in Danish waters.

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