The Ethnoplatform - The ground-breaking digital research tool for computational anthropology

Name of applicant

Morten Axel Pedersen




University of Copenhagen


DKK 992,516



Type of grant

Research Infrastructure


The purpose of this project is to build a state-of-the-art digital tool for qualitative social science researchers. Traditional ethnographic data are handwritten or typed field notes in idiosyncratic fashion, Besides being time-consuming, this makes it hard to analyze this data by using machine learning and AI. The Ethnoplatform solves this problem. This open source software application allows for in situ and in real-time recording and structuring of fieldnotes This makes it easy to share the data and to analyze it by means of computational methods, which requires a certain degree of structure. The development of the Ethnoplatform will therefore be a significant step towards bringing the fieldwork method and ethnographic research into an interdisciplinary and digital age.

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