Research Stay at the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences in Toronto, Canada

Name of applicant

Asger Törnquist


Associate Professor


University of Copenhagen


DKK 44,900



Type of grant

Field Trips / Research Stays < 100,000


Set theory is the area of mathematics that studies how to use infinite and non-terminating processes to solve mathematical problems. Advanced problems about infinitary methods and computations are currently being studied in the context of so-called "Borel equivalence relation", which are related to algebra, dynamical systems and distributed computing. In 2023, the Fields Institute in Toronto hosts a thematic research program for select researchers in this area. In this project, I will participate in this research program and work together with an international group of experts on solving one of the best known computational problem related to one of the simplest kinds of equivalence relations that science still can't fully understand yet, the so-called "hyperfinite equivalence relations".

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