Euclid Consortium Meeting 2023 in Copenhagen

Name of applicant

Bitten Gullberg


Postdoctoral Fellow


Technical University of Denmark


DKK 59,944



Type of grant



Euclid is an ESA space telescope planned to be launched in July 2023. The expansion of the Universe is believed to be driven by dark energy and the structural growth by dark matter. However, we know very little about these two phenomena. Euclid will allow us to determine how the Universe expands and how the structures grow, and hence shed new light on what dark energy and dark matter are. From the beginning Denmark has been involved in Euclid, and Danish universities have delivered both optical and mechanical parts to the telescope. The Euclid Consortium gathers every year to discuss the science Euclid will enable us to do, and the technical aspects of the telescope. The first Euclid Consortium meeting took place in Copenhagen in 2012, and now - a decade later- Copenhagen is again host.

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