Decentering community-based health care -Regional perspectives on the Alma-Ata conference on Primary Health Care

Name of applicant

Niels Brimnes


Associate Professor


Aarhus University


DKK 59,000



Type of grant



Convened in 1978 by WHO and UNICEF under the slogan 'Health for All', the Alma-Ata Conference endorsed 'Primary Health Care' as a new global health strategy, which privileged community-based health and brought together figures as diverse as the Maoist 'barefoot doctor' and the Christian medical missionary. Applying a deliberate regional approach, the workshop will analyze the vision of 'Primary Health Care' as a brief moment of global consensus, which integrated and condensed a wide range of existing developments, and which transformed into very different forms of health care in the decades after 1978. In this way the workshop provide a historically grounded, non-Eurocentric and genuinely global understanding of the diversity of community based health care across the contemporary world.

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