INTERACT A multi-proxy prism into past human and faunal interactions in the eastern Arctic

Name of applicant

Eline Lorenzen




University of Copenhagen


DKK 8,654,779



Type of grant

Semper Ardens: Accomplish


This proposal aims to understand the continuity and disruption of marine life in the Arctic over 4,500 years of human presence, using a multi-proxy approach. Through ancient biomolecules, we will investigate the role of faunal interactions in driving ecosystem changes over extended timescales, providing pioneering insights into long-term food web dynamics.


We lack a comprehensive understanding of the long-term role of faunal interactions, within and across trophic levels, in driving ecosystem changes over evolutionary timescales. Due to a rich fossil record, archaeological sites in the Arctic offer a singular opportunity to investigate co-occurring species that are interconnected within the marine ecosystem, across space and time.


We will examine faunal remains from well-defined archaeological contexts from Greenland and High Arctic Canada, covering 4,500 years of human presence. By integrating bulk-bone metabarcoding with palaeogenomics and stable isotope analysis of 14C dated faunal remains, we will investigate faunal dynamics across three levels of biodiversity: community-level, species-level, individual-level.

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