Bridging Borders, Preserving Health: How to sustainably recruit, select, and retain skilled international nursing staff

Name of applicant

Christian Bøtcher Jacobsen




Aarhus University


DKK 9,062,251



Type of grant

Semper Ardens: Accomplish


The lack of healthcare staff threatens public health. International recruitment is a potential solution, but there is a lack of scientific evidence. Societal discussions are based more on anecdotes and prejudices rather than facts. This project develops evidence-based and viable solutions for healthcare organizations, which want to sustainably recruit, select, and retain nursing staff from Europe.


Nurses are the largest profession in healthcare, and national labor markets alone can no longer meet the increasing demand for nurses. Recruiting internationally is challenging due to aspects like crossing borders, differences in language and cultures, discrimination in selection, and demanding workplace integration. Sustainable international recruitment requires novel, evidence-based approaches.


The team represents outstanding expertise in public administration, economics, and sociology. We collaborate on three interrelated work packages using state-of-the-art field experimental research designs. We co-design interventions with partners and employers to recruit, select, and retain up to 1,000 international European nurses and provide a novel understanding of international recruitment.

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