The Golden Array of Danish Cultural Heritage - A Multi-Modal Foundation Model for Temporal Reconstructions of the Danish Golden Age

Name of applicant

Kristoffer Nielbo




Aarhus University


DKK 9,984,373



Type of grant

Semper Ardens: Accomplish


The Golden Array project is an ambitious initiative that seeks to harness the power of AI to reconstruct and re-evaluate the Danish Golden Age. By creating a comprehensive digital corpus of Danish cultural heritage data from the 19th century, the project aims to develop a state-of-the-art foundation model that captures the intricate details and temporal variations of this pivotal era.


The Danish Golden Age is a cornerstone of Denmark's national identity and cultural heritage. Traditional reconstructions of this period suffer from data sparsity and lack temporal sensitivity. This means many voices, events, and narratives from this era remain marginalized. The project addresses these gaps, promising a more inclusive, detailed, and dynamic representation of the period.


The project will compile an extensive collection of Danish text and pictorial data from 1750-1930. Using advanced AI techniques, these data will be transformed into 'Golden Arrays' - numerical representations that encode significant features of the sources. The arrays will be analyzed with change detection and description techniques, providing a high-resolution reconstruction of the period.

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