Negotiating Neo-nationalist University Imaginaries and Geopolitical Class Cleavages in Denmark and Poland

Name of applicant

Rasmus Harsbo


PhD Fellow


Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland


DKK 900,000



Type of grant

Internationalisation Fellowships


This project investigates how universities are undergoing deep transformations as a result of increasing geo-political tensions and consolidating new nationalisms. For decades internationalization was the order of the day in Europe, this globalist order however is now being challenged at its core by class cleavages, and governments use universities to envision new ones.


Universities have become central to publics, markets and governments in the globalized knowledge economy. At the same time, they are increasingly accused of complicity in reinforcing the inequalities of 21st-century capitalism, purportedly exacerbating the disintegration of national communities. The research literature calls for further enquiry into what futures neo-nationalism is envisioning.


By bringing together various research fields which possess an untapped potential for furthering the study of neo-nationalism in the context of higher education, this project combines geopolitical and class-based approaches to policy research.

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