Macroscopic quantum mechanics through laser-induced nonlinearity

Name of applicant

Christian Anker Rosiek


Postdoctoral Fellow


AMOLF, Netherlands


DKK 900,000



Type of grant

Internationalisation Fellowships


This project will investigate a new method to manipulate tiny vibrations in large objects, such that they exhibit the strange behavior of quantum mechanics that is normally only seen in single atoms and molecules. To this end, we use the forces that laser light exerts on vibrating silicon strings on a chip.


Observing and understanding quantum mechanics in macroscopic systems is vital for technology and fundamental science. It could lead to revolutionary advancements in quantum information technology and deepen our understanding of the universe by exploring the connection between quantum mechanics and gravity.


By employing advanced laser techniques and ultraprecise measurements at temperatures near absolute zero, the project aims to control nanoscale vibrations. Using optical forces of laser pulses, we will be amplifying quantum fluctuations of a mechanical string resonator to observe and manipulate them.

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