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Internationalisation Fellowships

Application guidelines

Through its Internationalisation Fellowships the Carlsberg Foundation wishes to promote the internationalisation of Danish talents and talent development in Danish research.

Call opens: 30 January 2024
Deadline: 1 April 2024, 16.00
The guidelines have been updated January 2024.


Through these fellowships the Carlsberg Foundation wishes to promote the internationalisation of talented young researchers from Denmark.

Who can apply

These fellowships are awarded to promising PhDs for a one- to two-year uninterrupted research stay at one or two leading international research institutions outside Denmark.

To be eligible for an internationalisation fellowship, the applicant must hold a PhD degree or obtain their PhD degree before the grant period start date. The applicant must have demonstrated a strong connection to Danish research (see FAQ for a definition).

Applicants who, at the application deadline, have more than three years’ experience since obtaining their PhD degree are not eligible. Any periods of leave will be accepted as extensions of this time limit (maternity leave, paternity leave, family care leave, illness, military service and so on). The exact PhD date must be specified in the CV.

Applicants who are already affiliated to the research institution where the project is to be carried out cannot apply for these fellowships.

Furthermore, the fellowships cannot be applied for as a continuation of other postdoctoral fellowships abroad.

The applicant will be expected to take up residence in the country where the international research institution is located during the period of the fellowship.

What can be applied for

The internationalisation fellowships are generally tax-free in Denmark and amount to:

DKK 450,000 per year if the applicant is travelling alone
DKK 500,000 per year if the applicant is travelling with a partner
DKK 550,000 per year if the applicant is travelling with a partner and children

The amount is granted as a fixed rate, which must cover all costs.

In cases when the applicant plans to move to a particularly expensive location, it is possible to apply for up to an additional DKK 60,000 per year to cover extra high rent and living expenses. 

Please see indicative list of expensive locations.

The additional DKK 60,000 must be applied for at the time of submission of the application. It is not possible to apply at a later time.

If the project is granted, the Carlsberg Foundation offers a session with a tax expert, free of charge, to those grant holders who need professional advice on how they can expect to be taxed during their stay abroad and how to fill in their tax forms.

Spring call: The earliest start date is 1 August, and the latest start date is 1 January the following year.

Autumn call: The earliest start date is 1 January, and the latest start date is 1 September.

Application requirements

The application must be submitted through CF-Grant (application system)

Please note that failure to comply with the following requirements will result in an administrative rejection of the application. Please ensure the correct instrument is chosen in CF-Grant. Applying for the wrong instrument will also result in an administrative rejection.

The entire application must be in English. The required documents are as follows:

  • Project description
  • BudgetCurriculum vitae and list of publications
  • Housing commitment from the host institution
  • Recommendations

If relevant to the application (see explanation below):

  •  Statement from PhD Supervisor

Project description
The project description must be written using Times New Roman, font size 12, margins on the left, right, top and bottom of at least 2 cm and line spacing of 1.5.

The project description must furthermore not exceed two A4 pages (including figures, tables and such like, but excluding references). Any references or bibliography must be added in direct continuation of the project description.

The project description must include the innovative scientific quality of the project compared to the applicant’s PhD project, as well as how the project contributes to the applicant’s scientific career development.

The project description must also include a description of the scientific environment in which the project will be carried out, including an account of why the chosen environment is well suited to the proposed activities.

Furthermore, a description of the connection to Danish research must be included.

A budget for the fixed rate applied for must be uploaded using the Carlsberg Foundation budget template (ordinary call – Spring). It is not necessary to itemise the expenses in the budget.

Curriculum vitae and list of publications
The CV of the main applicant must not exceed two A4 pages. Do not include photo, home address, family information, CPR no., date of birth, or gender.

A list of publications for the main applicant from the last five years must be uploaded in the same PDF file as the CV, but is not part of the two-page limit for the CV.

The list of publications must only include research that has been published or accepted for publication. The name of the applicant must be in bold font and the order of authors must be indicated exactly as listed in the original publication. All co-authors must be mentioned. If, however, the number of authors exceeds 10, it is sufficient to list the first 10.

The list of publications must be chronologically arranged and divided into the following categories:

  1. Peer-reviewed publications:
  • Articles
  • Monographs
  • Peer-reviewed papers published in conference proceedings
  • Book chapters
  • Anthologies
  1. Non-peer-reviewed publications, for example
  • Articles
  • Monographs
  • Book chapters
  • Anthologies
  1. Patent references for patents obtained or applied for that are relevant to the applicant's research. Any patent references should be included in the list of publications on equal terms with scientific articles.

Links to external materials may be included but will not be considered in the evaluation of the application. If an h-index is included in the list of publications, it must be clarified how the index was calculated.

Housing commitment from the host institution 
A confirmation from the host institution that it will provide adequate workplace facilities during the stay must be uploaded.

Between one and three recommendations must be uploaded or sent separately to no later than the application deadline.

Statement from PhD Supervisor (if relevant)
If the applicant has not yet obtained their PhD degree, a signed statement from the applicant’s supervisor must be uploaded as part of the application, confirming that the PhD will be obtained before the planned start date of the grant period and no later than the latest permitted start date for the relevant call (see above). In this case, the final statement of the PhD assessment committee following the PhD defence must be sent to the Carlsberg Foundation before the latest permitted start date for the relevant call. The applicant is expected to start the fellowship before or on the latest permitted start date.

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