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Translation of the book "Den Nøgne Øl - bogen om Pilsneren" to English

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The project is a comprehensive translation of the book "Den Nøgne øl - bogen om pilsneren" to English.


A translation of the book will most possible give Denmark a lead, as the pioneer and contributor, to the current pilsner-revolution. We believe that the content of the book is important and should have a global reach.


We have divided the project into stages starting in April and having a finalized and translated book by August 2020.


The authors of the book - Christian Andersen and Jens Eiken - both believe that the content of the book will contribute to the scientific community leading to new research areas and projects e.g. a clear scientific explanation for beer maturation, how to create and control carbon dioxide bubble-size in beer. We also believe that the section about pilsner-types, subtypes and flavour descriptions will lead to new lager/pilsner innovations. The book has already been called the pilsner-bible and we hope that the book will used by craft brewers, layman and people who are curious about how a lager is made.