Carlsberg Foundation announces call for free research funding for basic science at all career levels



With the autumn call 2023, the Carlsberg Foundation is offering funding in open competition for both the growth layer and professor level of the Danish research landscape. Take a look at our funding instruments and submit your application by 1 October 2023.

The autumn call 2023 offers a large number of funding instruments aimed at securing basic research at the highest international level and contributing to generational change and talent development in the Danish research environments. In line with the Foundation’s strategy, priority is being given to funding for the whole spectrum, from postdoc level to associate professor and professor level.

Semper Ardens Accomplish is a new funding instrument aimed at newly appointed professors with ambitions to carry out large, visionary research projects. The Semper Ardens Accelerate funding instrument is being offered once again.

The autumn call 2023 also offers fellowships for producing scientific monographs or doctoral dissertations as well as funding for research infrastructure and field trips/research stays over DKK 100,000. Furthermore, three types of postdoc fellowship are also being offered: Internationalisation Fellowships, Reintegration Fellowships and Visiting Fellowships at the University of Oxford. In respect of the Internationalisation Fellowships and the Visiting Fellowships at the University of Oxford, please be informed that we have introduced an increase in the fixed rates to meet the researchers’ needs to cover the costs of travelling with their family.

Free funding for both postdocs and professors

Professor Lasse Horne Kjældgaard, CEO, Carlsberg Foundation, says about the autumn call 2023:

“In a research landscape that is increasingly based on external funding associated with certain strategic themes, we need to listen to the researchers’ own assessments of what needs to be researched and how to do it in the best way. Therefore, I am pleased that the Carlsberg Foundation is once again announcing a call for free funding that can be applied for by researchers at all levels for the research, they consider most relevant and interesting. This is also the reason why the Semper Ardens Accomplish funding instrument is offered for the first time. This instrument will accommodate newly appointed professors with ambitions to explore new scientific territories that they themselves define.”

Take part in an autumn call 2023 webinar

As a new initiative, the Carlsberg Foundation is offering an invitation to a webinar on the autumn call 2023 to take place at 13.00 CET on 15 August 2023.

At the webinar, the Carlsberg Foundation’s CEO and the Foundation’s scientific officer will run through the funding instruments on offer and answer any questions on the application process etc.

“I am delighted that this year we are able to invite applicants to attend a webinar on our call and funding instruments“, says Lasse Horne Kjældgaard. “We know this is something researchers and universities have wanted for a long time, and we have listened to them. I hope that many will make use of this opportunity to meet us and ask questions”.

Newsletter for researchers and applicants

In another new initiative aimed at strengthening openness and dialogue, the Carlsberg Foundation has started a newsletter intended for researchers and researcher support units. The newsletter will contain news about calls, deadlines, guidelines, new initiatives, and important dates of interest for potential applicants and researcher support units at the Danish universities as well as for funding recipients.

The newsletter will only be sent out when the Foundation considers it has relevant information to share with subscribers.

The deadline for submitting applications is 1 October 2023.


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