Mass photometry for structural studies of complex biomolecular assemblies

Name of applicant

Poul Nissen


Aarhus University


DKK 1,329,070



Type of grant

Research Infrastructure


Biomolecules control and catalyze the processes in life and make up tissues. We visualize the complex, dynamic structures of biomolecules at the atomic level with the aim of understanding mechanisms of e.g. enzymes, biochemical pathways, mutations and drugs. Using mass photometry, we can obtain important insight into the heterogenous properties of biomolecules by studying them one by one using a minimal, label-free sample. Mass photometry is optimal for screening precious samples prior to structural studies, and provides also critical information into the interpretation of functional data. Acquiring a new generation mass photometry instrument, we will support basic and applied research in molecular and cell biology, physiology, and biotechnology leading also to spin-out activties.

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