An Arbitrary Waveform Generator: A Key Tool for Quantum Sensing in Denmark

Name of applicant

Alexander Huck


Technical University of Denmark


DKK 1,167,920



Type of grant

Research Infrastructure


How are memories formed? How do birds navigate using the Earths magnetic field? How do electrical currents flow in graphene? What is the origin of dark matter in the universe? These are all key open questions in science today that require new insight, in terms of higher sensory sensitivity, precision and resolution. Towards answering these questions we can exploit the limits of quantum mechanics in a new generation of sensors, with the potential to achieve orders of magnitude better sensitivity than todays state-of-the-art devices. However, these sensors require extreme precision control that will be provided by an Arbitrary Waveform Generator. This instrument will be the key enabling factor for quantum sensing, allowing us to address some of these key research questions in Denmark.

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