Grant guidelines


The grant holder is responsible for following the existing guidelines.

Grant period

The grant period is outlined in the grant letter or in the later submitted notice. The Carlsberg Foundation must approve any change in the grant period.

Any request of change in the grant period must be submitted via the Carlsberg Foundation application and grant system (CF-Grant). 

If the funding has not been fully used at the expiration of the grant period, the remainder of the grant will be repealed.

Disbursement of grants

Any grant disbursement requests must be submitted via the Carlsberg Foundation application and grant system (CF-Grant). 

Administration of the grant

The grant should be administrated by the Danish institution where the project is conducted. 

Redistribution of budget lines

If the redistribution of individual budget lines exceeds 25%, the redistribution must be approved in advance by the Carlsberg Foundation.

Change of grant holder

A grant from the Carlsberg Foundation is given to the main applicant.

In situations regarding job change or death the grant is, by standard, void.
Transference of a grant to another person requires an exceptional reason and must be approved by the Carlsberg Foundation.   

Dissemination and publication

It has to be clearly stated that the research project was granted by the Carlsberg Foundation in dissemination activities, publications, press publicity etc. Please find more information on our website.


Two copies of the publication must be sent to the Carlsberg Foundation. We reserve the right to request five additional copies.

A financial statement must be submitted, no later than three months after the termination of the grant period, using the template found in the Carlsberg Foundation application and grant system (CF-Grant).

The grant will terminate when the Carlsberg Foundation has approved the reporting.

If a grant holder does not follow the reporting guidelines, the Carlsberg Foundation has the right to demand the grant either partly or fully repaid.