Open Access policy

The Carlsberg Foundation has endorsed the Open Access policy for public sector research funds and foundations.
This means that research supported by the foundation must follow this policy: 

Open Access policy

This policy means that published scientific articles, which are the result of full or partial financing by the foundation, must be made freely available to everybody via Open Access with the permission of the magazine.

With this policy, the foundation wants to make sure that the researchers will get a better foothold regarding copyright for their own articles in connection with scientific publication.

Requirements for the grant holder

The grant holder is, if the magazine allows it, requested to parallel publish a digital version of the final, peer-reviewed scientific article, which has been accepted by a scientific magazine. The article, which is a result of full or partial financing by the foundation, must be parallel published in an institutional or subject-specific repository, i.e. a digital archive.

The parallel publishing of the scientific article can - at the request of the magazine – take place after an embargo period, i.e. a period in which the article is only available in the scientific magazine, of up to six or twelve months after publication in the scientific magazine. The waiting periods for the specific research areas must be as follows:

  • Natural science - 6 months
  • Social science - 12 months
  • The humanities - 12 months

The final, peer-reviewed scientific article, which is subject to parallel publication, must include all graphic and other materials prepared for the article. Research data shall be exempted.

The grant holder is responsible for making sure that relevant publication or copyright agreements with publishers are in accordance with the conditions for grants laid down by the Carlsberg Foundation in connection with parallel publication. The foundation wants the grant holder to maintain copyright to the widest possible extent.
Such conditions shall be observed according to current copyright rules.

Which types of publication are included?

The request for parallel publication only includes scientific articles and conference proceedings in journals and proceedings with an ISSN number.
This means that the request for parallel publication does not include:

  • Scientific monographs
  • Anthologies
  • PhD dissertations
  • Doctorate dissertations
  • Publications on patented discoveries.

What does this mean for the grant holder?

For the grant holder, this policy means:

  • That the grant holder must, in connection with acceptance of an article for publication in a scientific magazine, try to maintain the rights to parallel publish an edition of the peer-reviewed and accepted scientific article.
  • That the grant holder ensures in connection with publication - possibly after the waiting period - that the article is parallel published in an institutional or subject-specific repository.
  • That in connection with reporting to the foundation the grant holder specifies whether scientific publications resulting from a project fully or partially financed by the foundation have been published in OA journals.