Til bevillingsoversigt

Greenland shark research cruise to Greenland



International Greenland shark Research Cruise with R/V Dana to Bredefjord / Narsaq summer 2020 with participants from Canada, Denmark, Norway, U.K and U.S.A. The Greenland shark (Somniosus microcephalus) is one of the largest shark species, reaching lengths in excess of 550 cm (1,500 kg body mass). Compared to many other sharks, the life‐history of the Greenland shark remains largely unknown, though recent work has shown them to be very slow growing, very old, late to sexually mature and have long gestation times. 

During the cruise a number of different projects are planned, among others: 1: Swimming muscle capacity. 2: Ultrasonic scanning of large females to check for pregnancy and number of pups. 3: Cardiac Muscle Function. 4: Movement patterns and swimming behavior. 5:UW filming.