Til bevillingsoversigt

Marine Seaweeds of Greenland Summary Translation of the book Grønlands Havalger by Poul Møller Pedersen 2011 into English



In 2001 Poul Møller Pedersen published the book Grønlands Havalger, his life's work. It is the first book ever to describe in detail the seaweeds of Greenland, morphology and ecology, and it was illustrated with numerous colour figures, showing the seaweeds in situ and as microphotos of very high quality. Around 200 species are treated. 

This will for years to come be the reference work to consult for information of seaweeds from Greenland, nationally or internationally, no person but the author had/has such a deep knowledge of Greenland seaweeds. Sadly, the author died a few years later. Together with another former friend of Poul Møller Pedersen's, we decided, therefore, to translate the the book into English, thereby making this milestone available internationally.