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Building(s) in Aarhus



The international conference Building(s) in Aarhus will be held on September 1-2, 2022, at the Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies (AIAS) and its local organizer is Corina Ciobotaru, Assist. Prof at AIAS and the Department of Mathematics at Aarhus University. 

A mathematical building is a revolutionary notion in Mathematics invented by Jacques Tits in the late 20th Century as a means to describe and give a complete classification of simple algebraic groups over an arbitrary field. Since then the concept of buildings found applications to many areas of Mathematics and Physics. 

The conference is dedicated to Jacques Tits and aims to build new connections between local Maths researchers at AU and the international leading experts in the field invited at the conference.


The community in my field of research called geometric group theory is underrepresented at Aarhus University, given the importance of that field. By organizing the conference Building(s) in Aarhus, I aim to make the Department of Mathematics at AU visible to that community by building new connections between the local researchers whose work relate in one way or another to buildings and the international leading experts in the field invited to the conference. For my career, organizing such conference will allow me to better discuss and exchange ideas on my actual research projects, and to bring international experts to my host university in Aarhus. Those are crucial aspects of conducting high level mathematical research.