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The 10th Adhesion-GPCR Workshop 2020/22



The 10th Adhesion-GPCR Workshop 2020/22, will gather established and emerging scientist across the rapidly growing research field of adhesion G protein-coupled receptors (aGPCRs). These relatively unexplored receptors has a vast diversity of biological functions and intriguing signalling mechanisms with great potential for druggability. Thanks to the Carlsberg Foundation we have completed the program by inviting Professor Georgios Skiniotis as keynote speaker as well as supported the attendance of an outstanding student. We expect the list of speakers and popularity of the conference to provide a vibrant environment for scientists of all career stages to get inspired in their future research and provide insights into the next generation of methods and approaches in aGPCR science.


The conference concerns adhesion GPCRs that have high potential for druggability, being a large group of big transmembrane proteins involved in many physiological processes. Emerging research shows that aGPCRs have implications in the pathogenesis of all kinds of diseases, including developmental-, neurological- and metabolic disorders. Therefore, the outcome of this conference is not only of interest to a broad audience of scientists in our- and related fields, but ultimately also to the public. We aim at making it a "green" conference, where paper prints will be limited as much as possible and for example conference program and abstract book will be published only online. Further, we have decided to not use plastic bottles and -cups etc, but offer alternative containers. The attendance of the outstanding student Abhishek Kumar Singh, mentioned in this application, will support an upcoming star in research, that would otherwise be restricted from participation due to economical issues. It is our conviction that participation in the workshop and knowledge-dissemination in general, should not be restricted based on economical or geographical background. This is also why we charge no participation fee to ensure the attendance will be at low cost for all participants.