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4EU+ Summer School in International Business Law



The project is conducted under the auspices of the 4EU+ European University Alliance and offers advanced, pro bono education on sustainable International Business Law. It is an outcome of international collaboration between University of Copenhagen, Charles University and University of Warsaw. The courses are taught by instructors who combine academic excellence with extensive practical experience. Topics of the courses include mediation and arbitration, sustainable governmental contracts, global carbon market and emission trading systems, international commercial contracts and EU competition law. The 4EU+ Summer School offers fellowships to cover the costs of travel and accommodation for 3 participants (legal professionals and PhD students) from Ukraine.


The Summer School's program is of direct relevance to the Danish society and the legal professions. It is focused on incorporating sustainable development goals into business and legal practice. To ensure its full compatibility with the demands of legal practice, the program has been developed in connection with institutional partners representing legal professions, including the Danish Advokatsamfundet and the Warsaw Bar Association. With the salary and travel/accommodation costs of the instructors covered by the 4EU+ Alliance, the Summer School in 2022 will be offered pro bono (without registration fees). This will allow for a broad dissemination of knowledge on socially responsible international business law among legal practitioners. In the 2022 edition there are 3 travel and accommodation fellowships planned for eligible Ukrainian lawyers (PhD students and/or legal practitioners). The knowledge and networking acquired at the Summer School will help them in efforts to rebuild Ukraine’s economic stability after the war in connection with EU partners.