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Geometry and Topology, ICM sectional workshop



The International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) is the world's largest mathematical meeting. It will be held as an online event in 2022, as a consequence of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Several in person events are organised worldwide in an attempt to salvage, on a smaller scale, the original spirit of the ICM. In Copenhagen, we are planning an event targeted at the Geometry and Topology sections of the ICM. The ICM will be broadcasted online, and freely accessible to all. Photo: Lars Svankjær


Mathematics is a fundamental science with high impact in the modern world, being the language in which many real life problems can be formulated and often solved. The International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) is a showcase of what is happening in contemporary mathematics in the world. The ICM22 will be held online, and all the ICM talks given in Copenhagen will be freely accessible via an online platform to all mathematicians worldwide. One of the talks is a Public lecture, specially targeted to a broader audience. This conference will have an extremely broad impact for the advance of Mathematics, also in regions that do not always have access to the latest knowledge.